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Landing Page

Landing Page

Turnkey Landing Page Creation

A one-page site - Landing Page will allow you to quickly test the demand for a product or service, launch a promotion, and also get customers on the first day of launch! Our landing pages are characterized by high conversion, well-thought-out marketing structure and bold design!

Advantages of our landing pages

We do not create sites that lie dead weight on the Internet! All our sites are working and selling, which allows customers to increase the number of applications and customers several times.

Work process



Excellent management systems
content to choose from



detailed design



Quality adaptation
for all devicesня



The best modules
for Landing Page



order administration



High speed
loading and operation of the site


Stages of Landing Page


Technical task

We discuss and describe the Landing Page functionality in the technical task, taking into account all the requirements search engines and SEO - we agree on the TOR.



Based on the approved technical task, we forecast and approve the budget. Let's start the development process Landing Page



We develop landing page design, navigation elements, taking into account the specifics of the subject and corporate style of the company. We draw the design of the mobile version.



We develop adaptive layout of pages for all necessary screen resolutions, further according to the technical task integrate with CMS.



We thoroughly test the created landing page for errors and shortcomings and correct them.


Project launch

The project is transferred to the client and transferred to the worker hosting We transfer logins and passwords for access to the site, domain and hosting.



Prices for the creation of a turnkey landing

The final cost and price for the creation of a turnkey one-page website is determined by your technical task. If the terms of reference for the development of the landing page are not ready, or are completely absent, our web studio provides full support in writing them.



1 month of hosting for free
  • Landing Page on the template
  • You can choose any modern template
  • Site management system of your choice
  • Length up to 5 blocks
  • Feedback forms
  • Downloading the landing page to the customer's hosting



3 months of hosting for free
  • Landing page on a unique template
  • Site management system of your choice
  • Adaptation for all devices
  • Length up to 10 blocks
  • Individual feedback forms
  • Animations and smooth transitions
  • Downloading the landing page to the customer's hosting



6 months of free hosting
  • Landing Page - product catalog with shopping cart
  • Thematic individual design
  • Site management system of your choice
  • Product catalog up to 20 products
  • A shopping cart with the option to place an order
  • Feedback forms
  • Downloading the landing page to the customer's hosting



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Website business card, landing page: order the creation and development of a landing page in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro and any other region of Ukraine

Landing, landing page - this is the name of a one-page site, the creation of which allows you to quickly sell a specific product or service. A one-page site does not contain any extra information, the landing page presents the product succinctly, but vividly, so as to completely capture the user's attention and encourage him to order a product or service. Landing development allows you to increase sales by 20-30%!
You can order a landing page in our web studio. A business card website, landing page is the best option for starting your business and an effective, inexpensive tool for increasing its profitability.

How does a one-page site work?

One-page site, landing page is always used with a clear, specific purpose: advertising of a certain product, service, event, promotion. The landing page encourages action with selling headlines, bright, attractive infographics, concentrated text without water, giving customers all the necessary information about the proposed product. A turnkey landing page helps capture and retain the user's interest in the product you offer. On a one-page website for the sale of goods and services, there are no distracting factors, the buyer immediately understands where he got to, what he is offered and what he needs to do in order to make a purchase. A competently developed business card site tells about the offered product consistently, and at the same time, all the information placed on the landing page will push the client to active action: order, purchase, registration.
A one-page landing site works in two directions at once: it gives the seller the opportunity to tell the most important things about the product in a couple of seconds, and the buyer understands in the same short time whether he found what he was looking for or not. In such conditions, a larger percentage of customers place orders or take the active actions that the owner of the landing page needs.
You can create a landing page for any business, it is a universal tool for sales in any field. Creating a business card website and a landing page will help you get a rapid increase in conversions, reduce the company's advertising costs, and increase the audience's loyalty to your brand's product.
Landing development in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine is a service offered by our web studio. By entrusting us with the creation of a business card website for your business, you will receive the first customers on the day of the one-page launch!

Development of a landing page in Kyiv

When you decide to order a landing page in our web studio, you will get the opportunity to get a one-page selling site in a short time, with a guarantee of a quick positive result! A turnkey landing page will be created for you by a team of professional site developers who are well versed in modern advertising and marketing technologies.
Ordering a turnkey business card site is very simple: dial our contact phone number!

The price of a one-page site, a landing page: what does the cost of a landing page depend on?

The price of a landing page depends on the format of its implementation. But in any case, the price is lower than the cost of developing complex multi-page sites, and at the same time, the landing page has a higher conversion, and it takes a minimum of time to create it.

Let us begin

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